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Thanks to the stock market, which offers large companies the opportunity to make small or large-scale investments, small and simple partnerships can be established with these companies. However, it is very important to be very careful while making every investment and to act by taking expert opinions. Big losses can occur as a result of the smallest mistakes made. So what are the tricks of stock market investments? What should a beginner stock trader pay attention to? You can find all the details in the stock market guide prepared for you.

  • What is the Stock Exchange?

The stock market is an individual investment tool that enables individuals who want to invest in giant companies to become partners and make profits through these companies. The stock market, which offers the privilege of investing in the biggest companies of both Turkey and the world, is actually shown among the very risky investment instruments. However, high profit shares can be obtained from the stock market, which is a very safe investment tool when played according to the rules. Sometimes it may be enough to wait years, sometimes only a few days for investments to gain value.

In the stock market, the total market value of each of the companies is found. These values ​​may vary in each company. Company shares generally represent a certain level of share. Some of the companies may split the shares into billions. The number of shares divided also varies. Companies deposit dividends once or twice, sometimes three or four times a year. If the companies have obtained the right to distribute dividends, the income obtained is automatically transferred to the accounts of the shareholders, that is, the stock market investors. Some rights are obtained after becoming a shareholder in the stock market. These rights are; The right to distribute dividends, the right to participate in capital increase (with or without payment), the right to vote in the general assembly. Shareholders, by voting at the general assembly, determine the important decisions to be taken by the company, and issues such as changes in the board of directors. Investors who want to invest in the stock market can buy more than one share or get a profit share by selling the shares they bought.

– How Does the Buy-Sell Logic Work?

Trading in the stock market is one of the most important investment returns. The second step in which income can be obtained other than the profit from the shares is the buy-sell transactions. In order to offer the owned shares for sale, it is necessary to gain experience in this regard first. In order not to experience losses in the first place, small steps can be taken and progress can be made. If there are reservations about risk, virtual stock market tools can be used and experience can be gained thanks to these tools. Buy-sell transactions are usually made through intermediary institutions in the stock market. In order to trade, you must first analyze. By making technical and fundamental analyzes, the characteristics of the company whose shares are to be purchased, called the capital structure, can be examined. While doing this, the base capital and ceiling capital prices can be looked at. The first rule when buying and selling is not to act with false information. The second rule is to approach carefully the stocks that are in demand by everyone. Each stock to be invested should be examined in detail and, if necessary, followed for a certain period of time.

  • What are the Exchange Terms to Know?

Dealer and broker are the most frequently used terms in the stock market. The meanings of these terms, which are often confused with each other, are actually quite different from each other. People called dealers are people who buy and sell for personal profit on their behalf. These people have a portfolio of customers and they aim to make a profit by selling the shares they have collected at higher prices. People called brokers, on the other hand, establish a link between their customers and the stock market and transmit the given orders to the stock market. As a result, they earn commission income. Qualified investor and general investor terms are also among the terms that should be known. Qualified investors are people who invest professionally in the stock market at a high rate.

  • What are the Requirements for Entering the Stock Exchange?

As long as the above-mentioned trading reviews and analyzes are made, every individual is free to invest in the stock market. However, before investing, it is necessary to analyze the stocks very well and to get expert support if necessary. Safer ways can be preferred by taking small steps and making long-term investments in the first place. One of these ways can be to enter the stock market through participation institutions.

Apart from and in conjunction with all of these, there are also binary options trading. You can do this exchange transaction, which is based on giving an option on the value that a parity and / or an exchange will gain or lose, at any time and wherever you want in Exbina.