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What are Binary Options

Binary options are based on choosing one of two different options.

Binary options are based on choosing one of two different options. In short, it is the market where call or put options are bought by estimating which direction a selected instrument will move at the end of the period you set. Binary options trading consists of two options. It has a simpler logic than other financial markets.


It is based on some investment instruments that you follow and estimating the movements of these instruments within a specified period of time. It is possible to be involved in transactions in both directions, such as buying or short selling. Profit amount in binary options is in the range of 75%-80%.


EIf you open an account with ExBina, you can easily trade in binary options and open up to 5000 dollars and start earning easily. First, how much money you will trade is selected, then the expiry time is selected and the market movement is followed. If you said it will fall, you will win when the product you choose will fall, if you say it will rise, you will win when the product you choose rises. In other words, after determining the product, if you think in which direction the prices will move, you buy a call or put option accordingly.

The options you can get are 3 types. These options are as follows:

Down – Up Option

This type, also known as digital option, is used when you predict that the selected instrument will move up or down at the end of the expiry time. If it is thought that the price will increase at the end of the period, the call option; If you think it will go down, you buy a put option.

Contact Option

The contact option is divided into two in itself. The first of these is the double contact option. The basis of this option type is based on the forex market. It is made according to the estimation of whether the price of the selected instrument is worth the predetermined price.

If there is contact, double contact option is taken. If the contact has not been made, the no contact option is taken.

Range Option

It is based on the correct estimation of the probability that the price of the selected underlying asset will be within a predetermined time frame when the expiry time comes. It is the option with the highest rate of return.


We always find it useful to express. For those who do not have experience with binary options, it will be more beneficial for your future earnings to log in by creating a demo account and test it with virtual balances. With ExBina, you can create your Trial account immediately and start the trial process immediately with the 10,000 USD virtual money that will be loaded into your account. We wish everyone good luck in advance…